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Steering Committee

The Smart Payments Forum Steering Committee consists of a Smartex-nominated group of SPF members.  The Steering Committee enables member organisations to influence the focus and direction of the Forum, and to help plan meeting agendas.

Steering Committee functions

  • comment on previous meeting
  • agree date and venue for next meeting
  • agree chairman for next meeting
  • agree theme for next meeting
  • agree agenda for next meeting
  • suggest presenters for next meeting
  • decide on Working Groups to be held

Steering Committee Members

  • American Express Services Europe
  • Argos Business Solutions
  • Consult Hyperion
  • Infineon Technologies UK
  • Interactive Transaction Solutions
  • Invapay Payment Solutions
  • MasterCard Europe
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Thales e-Security
  • Visa Europe